Week ending April 13 2008

# Task Description Status Hours
1 BI Demo, Currently debugging a VC bug related to portal eventing In Progress 0
2 BI Demo ECC Purchase order test iview, with Graphing and aggregate and summation components Completed 6
3 BI Demo Create WebDynpro Component to test eventing betweeb WD iView and VC iView Completed 2
4 BI Demo Examples to learn basics of VC (2 in total) Completed 12
5 VC Setup and Verify (BI) Setup the VC environment and verify setup (BI Roles and access to BI) In Progress 1
6 VC Setup and Verify (SBX) Setup the VC environment and verify setup (incl assignment of roles and deployment Completed 8
7 ESS MSS Initial Scoping of ECM Source Changes (WebDynpro) Beth and Ritesh In Progress 4
8 Dev : Issue Problem with NWDI Landscape Directory Server Completed 2

Week ending April 6 2008

# Task Description Status Hours
1 ESS MSS Status and Current Issues In Progress 0
2 Dev : Issue Log Request with Portal Admins (Component runtime error creating Portal Desktop) In Progress 0
3 Web Dynpro Learn to create new Portal Desktops and Access Rules In Progress 0
4 Web Dynpro Learn to Change Portal Look and Feel (Various Components) In Progress 0
5 Transportation Portal Source Code and Understanding functionality In Progress 0
6 IT Policy Implications of the IT password policy for Ext Users Completed 2
7 LDS Seminar Attended LDS Seminar on "User Experience Best Practices Using SAP NetWeaver" Completed 0
8 Recycling Active Directory Integration Readme for Bulk Image Upload and Search In Progress 0
9 Recycling Prep work for Demo for Bulk Image Upload and Search using Google Web Uploader API , install In Progress 0
10 Customer Portal Initial Scoping and Legwork In Progress 0
11 Dev : Issue NWDI Down Completed 0
12 ESS MSS Forms Activation (KT from Jagadish Babu Completed 0.5
13 ESS MSS HR Termination Form not updating infotype 41 In Progress 0
14 Enterprise Portal Kickoff and Preparation Completed 0
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