Week ending May 11 2008

# Date Task Description Status
1 05/05/2008 Customer Portal Customer Setup Partner Functions In Progress
2 05/06/2008 Customer Portal BAPI Identification for Various Customer Portal Functions and Testing Complete
3 05/07/2008 Customer Portal HTML View Testing in VC for including sinppets of HTML Complete
4 05/07/2008 Customer Portal VC API for compiling flex components In Progress
5 05/08/2008 ESS/MSS Portal Salary Matrix WD Component for ESS/MSS (raja and ritesh) Completed
6 05/09/2008 ESS/MSS Portal Salary Matrix WD Component Test Testing
7 05/09/2008 J2EE Deployemnt Deploy std Java EE components to NW J2EE server In Progress
8 05/09/2008 Guided Procedure Test creating a sample Guided Procedure for Portal Testing

Week ending May 04 2008

# Date Task Description Status
1 04/28/2008 Customer Portal Discussion on Customer Setup Process In Progress
2 04/29/2008 BI Java SDK Setup and Test BI Java SDK (for java apps connecting to BI Cubes) Complete
3 04/30/2008 Portal Deployment Process Figure out process and error correction for CMC DC deployment Process Complete
4 05/01/2008 Configure BI VC Configure BI - VC to connect to DEV ECC 400 (for Open Orders BAPI) Complete
5 05/02/2008 XMLA BI Connector Readme and Config for BI XMLA Connector (BI Java SDK) Complete

Week ending April 27 2008

# Date Task Description Status
1 04/21/2008 Log files for SAP Generate Log files for SAP Note Completed
2 04/22/2008 Portal Light Desktop Complete SBX Config of Light Desktop Completed
3 04/23/2008 VC Demo Open Orders from ECC Config Completed
4 04/24/2008 Portal Runtime Error Get Runtime Error Fixed Abandoned
5 04/25/2008 Portal Logon Page Changes Restart Process for pushing changes to SAP In Progress

Week ending April 20 2008

# Date Task Description Status
1 04/14/2008 VC Portal Eventing Bug Describe bug for SAP Note Completed
2 04/14/2008 Status and Task List Status and task list for Satchi Completed
3 04/14/2008 VC to BI (SBX connection) Sample VC apps that connect to BI DB Completed
4 04/15/2008 Portal Component Error HelpDesk ticket raised and assigned to Slava In Progress
5 04/15/2008 Portal Object Hierarchy Portal Documentation for configuring roles/worksets/pages Completed
6 04/16/2008 External Facing Portal Investigate use of SAP supplied "light" desktop for external facing Portal In Progress
7 04/17/2008 ESS/MSS Source update Update Source for ESS/MSS Customizations Complete
8 04/17/2008 WD Build Error CBS build error while building components with external dependencies (Assigned to Slava P) In Progress
9 04/18/2008 BI Portal Doco/Config for executing BI queries from VC Complete
10 04/18/2008 Imaging API Setting up local test system to build image archive solution In Progress

Week ending April 13 2008

# Date Task Description Status
1 BI Demo, Currently debugging a VC bug related to portal eventing In Progress
2 BI Demo ECC Purchase order test iview, with Graphing and aggregate and summation components Completed
3 BI Demo Create WebDynpro Component to test eventing betweeb WD iView and VC iView Completed
4 BI Demo Examples to learn basics of VC (2 in total) Completed
5 VC Setup and Verify (BI) Setup the VC environment and verify setup (BI Roles and access to BI) In Progress
6 VC Setup and Verify (SBX) Setup the VC environment and verify setup (incl assignment of roles and deployment) Completed
7 ESS MSS Initial Scoping of ECM Source Changes (WebDynpro) Beth and Ritesh Completed
8 Dev : Issue Problem with NWDI Landscape Directory Server Completed

Week ending April 6 2008

# Date Task Description Status
1 ESS MSS Status and Current Issues In Progress
2 Dev : Issue Log Request with Portal Admins (Component runtime error creating Portal Desktop) In Progress
3 Web Dynpro Learn to create new Portal Desktops and Access Rules In Progress
4 Web Dynpro Learn to Change Portal Look and Feel (Various Components) In Progress
5 Transportation Portal Source Code and Understanding functionality In Progress
6 IT Policy Implications of the IT password policy for Ext Users Completed
7 LDS Seminar Attended LDS Seminar on "User Experience Best Practices Using SAP NetWeaver" Completed
8 Recycling Active Directory Integration Readme for Bulk Image Upload and Search In Progress
9 Recycling Prep work for Demo for Bulk Image Upload and Search using Google Web Uploader API , install In Progress
10 Customer Portal Initial Scoping and Legwork In Progress
11 Dev : Issue NWDI Down Completed
12 ESS MSS Forms Activation (KT from Jagadish Babu Completed
13 ESS MSS HR Termination Form not updating infotype 41 In Progress
14 Enterprise Portal Kickoff and Preparation Completed
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