A Java Sudoku Solver using Knuth's Dancing Links Method
Algorithms and Complexity
CyVis - Software Complexity Visualiser
Get a Speed Boost from the Bitwise Operator

Application Servers

About.com_ http___www.javaskyline.com_serv.html
IBM developerWorks _ Blogs _ The Apache Geronimo Experience
IBM developerWorks _ WebSphere Application Server Community Edition
Java Application Server Matrix
JBoss, Geronimo, or Tomcat_ - Java World - Forums - Problem Displaying the Applet in the web console _ JBoss Enterprise Application Platform
Web Application Listeners


Audiogon high end audio auctions, classifieds, hifi chat
Mirage & Energy Home Theater Speakers, Subs, Accesories, etc
OPPO Digital - Up-Converting DVD Players - Buy Direct from the Manufacturer

Bookmarks Toolbar Folder
Overview (Java 2 Platform SE 5.0)


Dr. Robert Hyatt's home page
Java chess games_ database search, analysis

Computer Science

Theory of Computing_ An Open Access Electronic Journal in Theoretical Computer Science


139Competitors-DavidWalsh-Part2.mp3 (audio_mpeg Object)
2007 Tour de France Live, Route, Stages, Teams, TV, Results and Photos
Bicycle Crank Length
Bike Fit
Bike Set Up Instructions
Cycling Cadence and Bicycle Gearing
Ergobike_ Competition Bicycle Size_ Proportions Analysis
How to Fit a Bicycle
How to Set Up Your Road Bike for Racing _
SBRA_ Bike Fit and Setup cycling teams database news and analysis presents the 94th Tour de France

Database and SQL

Converting a number into an HH_MM_SS time format - Oracle
Date (Java 2 Platform SE v1.4.2)
ORA-00984_ column not allowed here
Oracle Dates and Times
Oracle DBA Forums > Converting time to milliseconds
Oracle Sqlj Frequently Asked Questions


Error 1604 When restoring iPhone in iTunes
1src Forums - LD touch screen synch's gone crazy
Dev Team Install BSD World 1.1.1 Windows - ModMyiFone - Wiki
Difficult Challenge - Acura Navigation DVD - Club CD Freaks - Knowledge is Power
EMAC, Inc. Equipment Monitor and Control _ Manufacturer of Single Board Computers, Microcontrol
GooSync Home Page
MI-RA-I Technology Corporation Home Page
Region Free DVD! Region Free Methods for Sony


Download Online Books on Ruby Python C++ Java Programming Algorithms Mathematics from pspxWorld


Grassroots Motorsports » Oops! From The Home Office in Ormond Beach, Florida, It’s The Top 1
TurnFast _ Seating Position

Espresso Coffee

CoffeeGeek - Domestic Espresso Machine Troubleshooting
TC Lavazza_ Espresso Machine Troubleshooting


Departing Australia superannuation payment essentials
The Einsteins of Wall Street


Vitaly Friedman's Notebook_ 25 Best Free Quality Fonts


Learning Success_ Study Skills, Study Techniques, Study Methods.


Rima Patel Sriganesh's Blog
Internationalization_ Understanding Locale in the Java Platform
Strings - Core Java Technologies Technical Tips
Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project
EJB 3.0 Enterprise Beans
JSR-000220 Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 - Final Release
Best Practices for JDBC Programming @ JAVA DEVELOPER'S JOURNAL - Best practices to improve performance in JDBC
Basic JMS API Concepts
Creating Robust JMS Applications
Writing Simple JMS Client Applications
Enterprise Java Community_ Using Terracotta DSO
Java Garbage Collection
J2EE Interview Questions
New System Tray Functionality
The Aquarium_ Things you May Have Missed about Project GlassFish
New Tech
Dali EJB ORM Homepage
Java Tip 98_ Reflect on the Visitor design pattern - Java World
Programming Resource
Java Examples from The Java Developers Almanac 1.4
Java Practices_ Generate random numbers
java.net_ Exception-Handling Antipatterns
java.net_ Three Rules for Effective Exception Handling
New Java EE Programming with Passion! Topics
Creating an SSL Server Socket (Java Developers Almanac Example)
GlobalSign digital certificate and PKI solutions
Java Pro - Configuring the Client for HTTPS
keytool-Key and Certificate Management Tool
Andreas Sterbenz's Blog _ Weblog
Enterprise Java Technologies Tech Tips_ Writing a Handler in JAX-WS and Inheritance and the Jav
HttpClient - HttpClient SSL Guide
WSDL2Java Options
AMIS Technology blog » Blog Archive » Introducing Spring JDBC - frequently the best introduct
Another blog bites the dust » Blog Archive » Nokia PC Suite Content Copier .nfb _ .nbu Fiasco
Apache Geronimo and the Spring Framework, Part 1_ Development methodology
Spring - Java_J2EE Application Framework
Spring MVC step-by-step Part 1
Spring MVC step-by-step Part 4 - Spring Framework Hub - HOME - Spring Framework Hub - Web Links
Demystifying Apache Struts_ A Quick Start Tutorial for Jakarta Struts
Struts for Transforming XML with XSL (stxx)
Struts from Scratch
Struts Tutorials - Jakarta Strut Tutorials,Struts,Struts Example,Struts Code Example,Download S
What's New in JAXB 2.0 and Monitoring Web Services Tech Tips
XMLBeans Validation
EvoWeb - News & features_ Genetic pragmatism - an exclusive interview with John Koza
PasswordCallback Axis2


Alcoholic drink recipes with Bacardi 151 Rum_ 20+ appetizing drink recipes.
Artwork by Musashi
c't - Mach flott den Schrott
California DMV Practice Tests - DMV Permit Written Test - License, CDL, & Motorcycle - DMV.
California Pass the Motorcycle Test - Online DMV Test Questions and Answers
Calvin and Hobbes Avatars and Icons
CDmage - CD image handling tool
Cheat on the Need to Sleep _ Wired How To's
chrome browser
Cleaning Camera Sensors - Free computer books
Dans Cube Station
Firefox Myths
Free eBook Download An Introduction to Quantum Computing - rapidshare megaupload torrent
Free eBook Download SOA Using Java ™ Web Services - rapidshare megaupload torrent
Google Webmaster Tools - Overview
gumstix - way small computing
How to Capture Streaming Windows Video and Audio (Recording Windows Media Player streams)_ Reco
IKEA _ Assembly Instructions
Indian passport renewal
Instructables Laser Flashlight Hack!!
IS ASTROLOGY SCIENTIFIC_ - Dr. Abraham T. Kovoor - Fast scrambled word descrambler and crossword helper
Koalog's free Sudoku of the day
KrazyDad » Blog Archive » An Index of Sudoku Strategies
Looking back at Microsoft Excel Easter Eggs _ TechRepublic Photo Gallery
Maha’s Recipes - Indian Recipes, Andhra, Tamil Nadu, South Indian, North Indian Recipes
Main Page - MozillaWiki
MAKE_ Blog_ Hidden Google Earth flight simulator_
Mark Huckvale's Su Doku Puzzle Maker
Microsoft, TCP_IP, Open Source, and Licensing __
Nikon FE, 1978-1983 Index Page
Nokia 6630_6680_6681 & N-Series unlocking questions here plz. [Archive - MobileBurn Forums]
Nokia Mobile Phone Unlock & Hidden Feature codes « ‘The Road Less Travelled’ - Neerav
NSW Office of Fair Trading_ Real estate & renting homepage
Null Hypothesis _ The Journal Of Unlikely Science
Posts from the Time Waster Category at Download Squad
Science Jokes_2. PHYSICS _ 2.2 PHYSICS QUOTES
Solve Rubik's Cube with Cube Explorer
Speed Test on ZDNet Australia
Troubleshooting Your Plants
WikipediaVision (beta)
Wired How To's _ Wired How To's
xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language - By Randall Munroe

Operating System Stuff

Commentary on the Sixth Edition UNIX Operating System
Haiku Operating System
Haskell hacking » Blog Archive » OSX 10.4.8 on a normal Intel_AMD computer
Screenshots_ ubuntu-on-xp.png - VirtualBox
Shell Scripting Interview Questions ._. Firmware ._. WRT54G
xmonad _ a tiling window manager


Healthphone - Executive Management Team
Management __ S7 Software Solutions
Pond Hopper - The Hockumentary
Yahoo! Photos - ravindar1's Photos
A. Sundararajan's Weblog
Doug Lea's Workstation
E.W.Dijkstra Archive_ Home page
Edsger Dijkstra - How do we tell truths that might hurt_
Electric Dreams
Martin Fowler
Off Topic - So what does a web suicide note look like_
Push Singh
robot wisdom weblog
Robotboy [fulltext __]
The h Index for Computer Science


Style Web Forms Using CSS [CSS Tutorials]
Styled text inputs _ Differences in rendering of form controls _ 456 Berea Street
Styling form controls _ 456 Berea Street
Bob Lee's Blog_ Exception Handling in Web Applications
Guice User's Guide
index at
java.net_ Solving Sudokus in Java
Java_ Evolutionary Dead End
jax magazine __ The Premier Online Resource for Java, Apache, XML, and Web Services
Mailing list archives
MemeStorm » Basic Spring Web MVC Example
Planet JDK
Understanding JavaServer Pages Model 2 architecture - Java World
ACCESS Developer Knowledge Base
Arun Gupta's Blog_ WCF Interop_ Workaround for Incorrect Action values from WCF client
Beautiful Code
Bit Twiddling Hacks
Bridge pattern - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Designing Reusable Classes
developerWorks _ WebSphere _ Roadmaps_ WebSphere MQ
Epilog to Programming Pearls, First Edition
Factory Method pattern in LePUS 2
F_cking programming _ Codeulate.
Hacker News
Hacker's Delight
Handbook of Applied Cryptography
How to Do What You Love
IBM developerWorks _ Blogs _ The Apache Geronimo Experience
New GNU Smalltalk Site Launched
Official Google Research Blog_ Extra, Extra - Read All About It_ Nearly All Binary Searches and - Short, Self Contained, Compilable Example
Refactoring Home
Security of Random Number Generation_ An Annotated Bibliography
Understanding Regular Expressions - The Perl Journal, Month Year


Astrology is scientific theory, courtroom told - opinion - 19 October 2005 - New Scientist
Fractal View
Fractals & the Fractal Dimension
Photos_ The history of the digital camera - Crave at
Viruses of the Mind


Apache-SSL Documentation
Cybertrust Solutions Identity Management SSL
Find the Alias Of the private key
frequently used SSL commands
Installing and Configuring SSL Support
InvalidKeyException_ Illegal key size issue «
Java 2 Keystore, Policy and Security File Reader Received fatal alert_ handshake_failure - Dev Articles
KeyStore Reader Applet
Keytool to OpenSSL Conversion tips - ConchShell
Leveraging Security in the Native Platform Using Java SE 6 Technology
mod_ssl_ HowTo
Moving Keys and Certificates
Mutual Authentication for Web Services_ A Live Example
OASIS Web Services Security (WSS) TC
OpenSSL PKCS#12 program Usage
Power to the people » Blog Archive » Spamming 2.0 -
Setting Up Keystores for a Client and a Service _ WSO2 Oxygen Tank
Setting Up To Use XWS-Security With the Sample Applications
SSL Comunication _ mendelson Community
SSL_TLS Strong Encryption_ An Introduction - Apache HTTP Server
SSL_TLS Strong Encryption_ FAQ - Apache HTTP Server
SSL_TLS Strong Encryption_ How-To - Apache HTTP Server
Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction Policy Files + Bouncy castle
Using SSL Certificates for Mutual Authentication
XML and Web Services Security


File Splitters, freeware and multi-platform_ HJSplit
PC World - 20 Tools to Get the Junk Off Your PC
The cranky user_ What ever happened to Web engineering_


Nelson Bay Dutchies Beach Port Stephens Accommodation
Port Stephens Getaway Port Stephens Visitor Centre, Port Stephens Accommodation, Port Stephens
Port Stephens Getaway

WSDL XSD Java Web Services

And Now For Something Completely... Boring
Apache Rampart - Apache Rampart
Are your Web services exceptions naked or covered_ - Java World
Avoiding Mistakes Made Using Axis2
Axis2_Java - Rampart _ WS-Security module for Axis2
Axis2_Java - Writing Web Services Using Axis2's Primary APIs
Axis2_Java - Writing your Own Axis2 Module
Creating a AXIS2 Service Using WSDL as a Starting Point
Develop Web services with Axis2, Part 1_ Deploy and consume simple Web services using the Axis2
Developing Web Services Using JAX-WS, and Charset Conversions from Browser to Database Tech Tip
Google Web Toolkit - Build AJAX apps in the Java language
Mailing list archives
Nabble - Axis - User - [Axis2 How Do I Set mustUnderstand="0"_]
schemaorg_apache_xmlbeans.system.sCF8BD666BC9305AA7C2ADFD28E7D467F resolve java.lang.NoClassDef
Signing SOAP Messages with Apache Rampart_C _ WSO2 Oxygen Tank
Three open source Web service testing tools get high marks _ InfoWorld _ Review _ 2007-05-11 _
User Defined Exceptions_ Improve Error Handling in Web Services
Using XML schemas effectively in WSDL design - HP Dev Resource Central
Web services and Axis2 architecture
Web services programming tips and tricks_ Exception Handling with JAX-RPC
webservices.xml.com_ Web Services Security for Java
Which style of WSDL should I use_
WSDL2Java Options
XML.com_ The Beauty of REST
[#XMLBEANS-120 No TypeHolder generated in -srconly - ASF JIRA]


Get the most out of XML processing with AXIOM
XML Schema Part 0_ Primer Second Edition
XML Schemas_ Best Practices - WSDL Tutorial
XSD Shema Import in WSDL
CMC Online Software Store
GLAST Name Form
Home - PIP Business Transformation Team
SAP Library - Developing an Infotype in Personnel Administration
SAP Netweaver DS Help (Local)
SAP NetWeaver Portal (SBX)
SAP NetWeaver Portal
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