Azure Design Session

* Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups are no longer required as of April 2015

See this link for details

  • Availability Sets : We use only one VM (CMC Build Server) there is no need to build this in an Availability set. Ronnie to detail how to rebuild the server after a crash
  • Create a VM Image ()

* Resource Groups (What Resource Groups Do we Build) : Involve DB Group (Jeremy Conner)

  • Tags
  • Need to productionize file server (for weekly kronos and project data load) (Aaron Masser)

* factor REDIS Cache (Test in next Sprint)

  • database backup strategy
  • Disaster Recovery?
  • Document onPrem server/infra build list


  • Do we need to build a Azure Load Balancer for Web Roles that we deploy (see this link)
  • Do we need Traffic Manager

  • DB Server/DB
  • * DB SYNC (DR mechanism)
  • STORAGE (DB Backup, Table Store (logs), BLOB)
  • BuildServer VM


Virtual Network Configuration
Azure DataCenters that the App will be hosted in
Resource Groups
Administrative Access Control
Cloud Service Container
Web Roles (and Instance Sizes and scaling options) — Configure and update document
Supporting Components (Redis Cache, BuildServer, Storage etc)
Azure SQL DB (Servers, Databases, Primary and DR Instances)
Application and Network Security Checklist
A separate test and document will needed for DR process. (The DR is manual)

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