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Storage Device Requirements

To connect your storage device to one of our AWS Import/Export stations, your device must meet the following requirements:
Compatible with Red Hat Linux and warranted by the manufacturer to support eSATA, USB 3.0, or USB 2.0 interface on Linux.
Maximum device size is 14 inches/35 centimeters high by 19 inches/48 centimeters wide by 36 inches/91 centimeters deep (8Us in a standard 19 inch/48 centimeter rack).
Maximum weight is 50 pounds/22.5 kilograms.
Maximum device capacity is 16 TB
Power requirements vary by region. For more information, go to the Selecting Your Storage Device section on the AWS Import/Export Product Details page.

Export from Amazon EBS or Amazon Glacier to a storage device is not currently supported.

s3cmd sync  ./  s3://your-bucket/
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