SAP Message 753479


I suspect that the current problem that we are having is linked to NWDI/DTR.

The component in question cannot be checked out for modifications. When I check it out (by doing a create project from inactive workspace)
I get the following error.

Oct 4, 2010 11:25:35 AM /userOut/Development Component (
[Thread[ModalContext,5,main]] ERROR: java/ext_jars: Failed to read component definition from local file : 
Cannot read component definition. 
File does not exist: C:\santy\wd_dtc\0\DCs\\java\ext_jars\_comp\.dcdef 
(Cannot read component definition. File does not exist: C:\santy\wd_dtc\0\DCs\\java\ext_jars\_comp\.dcdef)
  • The DC that the error message is referring to ext_jars is not a part of the current track (ZXSS12MD_DEV).
  • ext_jars in fact belongs to track ZISACONS_DEV.

We currently do not understand how these got linked. There is no link between the two DC's.

Matheus Zeuch suggested SAP Note 1270242. We went through the note. The DC does not specify the container-type. According to the note, this means it is a standard J2EE component. We checked the running services with the lss | grep <service_name> and found that the std j2ee services were running.

I was hoping to explicitly add the container-type tag to META-INF/application-j2ee-engine.xml by checking out the DC, but I am unable to check it out.

I also changed the default workspace and the root folder (.dtc) to see if my installation of NWDS is corrupted. It made no difference. I still get the same error. So it is not an issue with NWDS. Also I am able to work on other tracks pretty well.

One of the Support folks (Ventsi Tsachev) suggested that the DC might be empty. It is not. It contains a jar file with 2 public parts (for build and deploy). Below is the screen shot of the component in Repository Browser. I do not know how the SDA file shows no content.


Please let me know if I can provide more info or how to look at more detailed messages.

Thanks for your help.


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